Diarmaid Ó Cadhla, Cork City South East Ward

People’s Candidate in Cork City South East Ward

Diarmaid’s commitment is to work for the empowerment of the people, firstly in Cork and then in all of Ireland,  he is committed to ending the manipulation of our political and economic affairs by narrow vested interests.

Diarmaid can be contacted via mobile phone on 086-3805005 or at Ionad an Phobail, 99 Douglas Street, Cork.  Diarmaid established the Ionad in January 2013 as a Resource Centre for the people, he is available there most days.

Ionad an Phobail can be phoned on 021-2428310, a public discussion meeting is held there every Monday night at 7.30pm, all are welcome to attend.

Diarmaid is on the social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Since the onset of the current crisis we have worked non-stop to put together a proposal that will address the underlying problem in our country, being:

The decisions that led us into this crisis were taken in our name, but we had NO part in making these decisions… they were imposed.

The fitting response is that:

  • We need to remove all vested interests from the decision making.
  • We need to stop handing over our mandate to what are Private Clubs (Parties), or we will be ignored, again, once the election is over.
  • We must have broad consultation so as to decide policy on an issue by issue basis.
  • Our families and community must be represented, not any individual or Party.
  • In effect we, the people, must empower ourselves!

I have signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, joining many others committed to this approach.  Together we represent the alternative to Party rule and to the dishonesty of their election promises. This approach also offers the basis for solving problems nationally, when the next Dáíl elections take place – but we start in Cork.

CPPC has worked out how the process of continuous consultation will take place, please be in contact so we can explain, you will be glad you did.  We hope you will join us in this approach to politics, we call it democracy!

“A chairde, caithfimid todhchaí na tíre a chinntiú.  Tá muid na blianta fada ag fanacht, ag súil go dtiocfaidh dream éigin chun rudaí a chur ina gceart, ach tá muid ag sleamhnú níos faide siar gach aon lá.

Níl aoinne ag teacht… agus ní thiocfaidh deireadh leis an scannal go dtí go seasfaimid le chéile chun deireadh a chur leis. Caithfimid an fód a sheasamh muid féin! Seas linn, más féidir leat!” 

Why am I the right person for City Council?

I hope I have proven my commitment – politically and personally.  I was involved in the formation of The People’s Convention (CPPC) in Nov. 2010, and am it’s national spokesperson.  I have 30 years practical experience in business, I understand firsthand the problems facing our economy and the need for its development on a sustainable basis – to serve Ireland.  It is my civic duty to serve, if you choose that.

View a signed copy of the candidate’s contract here:

the-peoples-contractCORK CITY SOUTH EAST WARD – Diarmaid Ó Cadhla