Claire Cullinane County Cork Cobh LEA

People’s Candidate in County Cork, Cobh Local Electoral Area

Claire is well known for her stance on the side of the people, be it in developing the movement for democracy in Ireland, or in assisting people in need who are under pressure from banks and other financial institutions.

Claire is on Facebook as “Claire Cullinane Independent“.  Claire is equally well known for her love of community, in particular Cobh and East Cork, her stamp and energy, her good humour and positiveness are written all over Cork and throughout Ireland.

Claire has signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT.


Being a woman of a certain age allows me to have an experienced, educated opinion of politics in my lifetime. I have not enjoyed the true concept of Democracy that I have read and heard about. I am an idealist and why not? Loving this country, its culture and its heritage ment that I enjoyed Irish writings, poets and  speakers of our history and our future. But what I have experienced is a people who are moving further from their roots, their birth right and the future their forefathers had died for.

Irish Democracy is not a fairy tale it is enshrined in our constitution, our living document that says WE, the Irish People have the right to a voice in our own lives and our representatives will work FOR us. This is the country I wish to be part of. An active people who are respected by their politicians who should be honoured to serve such a noble race. I want to be such a representative.

I have travelled widely and studied many subjects and am vocal on all that captures my passion. I want to use that voice for YOU. I want to be part of a new way of doing politics. It should not be a dirty word but rather public service should attract the best of a community to educate and take mandate and then vocalise the wishes of its people.

I was one of the architects of THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, a new way that allows every politician in this country, either local, national or European, declare their true motive in entering into public service. You are either FOR the people or for YOURSELF.

It is a new way but what is the alternative… accept the type of politics that have brought our noble county and its people to its current situation?

That choice is yours! Be the change and vote for YOUR future, vote for a People’s Candidate.

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