Statement of the People’s Candidates

Statement of the People's CandidatesOur entitlement is stated in Bunreacht na hÉireann, local Government is to “provide a forum for the democratic representation of local communities” (article 28A).

A .PDF copy of the A3 tri-fold flyer is available for download here.

THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT arises from the duty to “represent constituencies” as described in our Constitution, it makes no provision for Party or for individuals to represent themselves.

People’s Candidates are non-Party and have no vested interests, no pre-decided policy. We have committed to ongoing consultation within the community and to democratic representation, the people will direct us.

We have NO Party ‘whip’ and NO pact.

There will be transparency, NO back-room deals, NO secrets, NO favours for buddies!

There will be accountability – in our community, in front of the people, and if needs be, the People’s Candidates have agreed to a system of recall (unelect) — if the community decides so.

This MANIFESTO is for
the Empowerment of the People,
not any Party or other Private Club

Consulting the voters need not be complex or costly, as opponents suggest. There are two principles involved:

  1. Everyone is entitled to be informed, in a meaningful way, on the issues up for decision.
  2. Everyone must know how to have their say on each issue, should they choose to do so.

The extent to which the People’s Candidates can deliver on this basic democratic requirement is dependent on resources, ideally the local authority would organise this at very low cost – much less than the junkets and waste they have authorised in recent years.

For now: we will hold monthly public meetings in local halls, we have created online forums, email and SMS text services etc. To strengthen the process, we will continue to call to your door after the election is over – we won’t be waiting for five years.

The People’s Candidates need YOUR support for this.

There have been huge decisions made in our name, locally and nationally, yet we had no part in making them.

If we elect People’s Candidates then we will empower ourselves, the voters, that is DEMOCRACY

If we establish democratic representation then we will open up a bright new future for our country.
This is the only reform that will take politics out of the gutter, let’s make democracy work for us!

Our Manifesto is YOUR Manifesto

If the People ran our Country, how would we answer the following?

  • What do YOU want for this country, for your FUTURE, for YOUR family and YOUR community?
  • Are you happy with the DECISIONS made in your name over the last few years?
  • Are you ok with the stripping of our NATIONAL RESOURCES? Are they OURS or are we just the caretakers for the generations to come?
  • Are you happy to pay for WATER from October next?
  • Do you agree with the people BAILING OUT private banks who gambled and lost.
  • Is it alright for these banks to now EVICT those who saved them?
  • Were you ever even consulted to set the priorities for budgets, locally or nationally?
  • Has our small business sector been treated FAIRLY?
  • Many new TAXES and charges have been imposed, Household, LPT and others, were you consulted?
  • Are you happy with our HEALTH SYSTEM ?
  • Would you be AFRAID to get ill in our country today?
  • Should we all pay for PRIVATE health insurance?
  • How many people already live below the POVERTY LINE? Social Justice Ireland says its over 750,000!
  • Is our MINIMUM WAGE good enough?
  • Are people afraid to grow OLD because of rising costs, and more tax on top of reduced entitlements?
  • Are the Children of the nation treated equally? Is there equal opportunity for all Men and Women?
  • Is our EDUCATION system stimulating thought, creativity and growth of the human mind to help create a better future for Ireland?
  • Are we educating our youth for EMIGRATION, to help build other countries? 500,000 have left in recent years, what are their prospects in our own country?

All of the 18 People’s Candidates are listed on this website, they are contracted to represent their communities and to put in place the consultation required to do this.  All other candidates in this election are either there to represent a Political Party or to represent themselves.