Kevin Hamill Monaghan

Kevin Hamill, People’s Candidate in Monaghan

Kevin can be contacted on mobile phone: 086 8512370, Kevin is on Twitter as @kghamill, he is an electrician by trade.

Kevin has signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, here is a copy of it in .PDF format.

Statement by Candidate:

Like a lot of others who could see the country going down the drain and nothing been done to stop the rut except false and empty promises, I have to do something at this late stage to try and bring hope for future generations, I believe democracy with substance is the only way forward and for that reason I am putting myself forward in the local elections as a candidate to highlight this and if elected to show how we can democratically run our country in a way that was intended in the Constitution.

I am from the Monaghan area and would not have had much interest in Politics apart from to vote at elections for candidates who proposed to stand for issues and policies that I considered to be realistic and important.

  • Are you happy with how your county Councillors have represented your interests since you voted for them five years ago?
  • If we as a people want to live in a democracy then we must vote for candidates who will organise a forum where policies and motions will be debated and introduced only when the majority of the community agree that it is best for their community.
  • Our country is destroyed by one scandal after another, it is time for the reform that was promised, but it is only you by your vote that can enact any meaningful reform and give yourself the ability to mould your future.
  • Everyone knows it is the time to stop the scandals that have taken over our political system.
  • It’s you and your family’s future, now you get to decide to choose reform or not, choose wisely.
  • This is only a start but it is a very important start, you and your family’s future depends on how you vote.