John Murphy Cork City North West Ward

John Murphy, People’s Candidate in Cork City North West Ward

John can be contacted on mobile phone: 083 4416825.

John is a believer in face-to-face, he is calling to visit all the homes in the North West Ward, he is already a familiar character in the area, visiting home in the course of his business with bins.  If John has missed you or if you would like to chat please phone and he will be happy to come and visit.

Personal Statement:

Our country is in crisis.  We must step forward and be part of the solution, it is vital for our future that we do.

The Political Parties have no solution, they look down their noses at the people and are interested in no more than themselves!

The underlying factor in all of the problems we face is the effective exclusion of the people from decision making, we are ruled over by vested interests and their Political Parties.

I was born in Cork, I have lived and worked my entire life among the people, whom I have grown to love and respect in the highest way.

I have allowed my name to go forward, thinking of my own family and the families of those across the northside that I visit on a regular basis.

I understand well the problems facing our community and the economy, and the need for its development to serve the people.

I have stepped forward, I wish to serve and feel that I can contribute – I have signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, joining many others committed to this approach. Together we represent the alternative to Party rule and to the dishonesty of their election promises. This approach also offers the basis for solving problems nationally, when the next Dáíl elections take place – but we start in Cork.

Let me be your voice at local level to ensure that you and your neighbours have the say in running our great city, you will be consulted, you will be represented.

It is my civic duty to serve, if you decide that.