Terry Hume Ballincollig-Carrigaline

People’s Candidate in County Cork Ballincollig-Carrigaline Local Electoral Area

Terry lives in Carrigaline, he contributes to our community, he remains determined and positive, despite the many problems of recent years.  Terry has held a variety of jobs and for the past few years has been self-employed – fitting carpets, flooring and other trades, with his own van and equipment, working all around the city and county.

Terry can be contacted by mobile on 087-2318100, he is also on Facebook.

Personal Statement:

Over the past few years I have seen the huge decline in the trades and building sector.  I have heard a lot about the ‘Celtic Tiger’ but unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of seeing one!

Over the past few years, like others, I have taken a huge drop in income, with a constant rise in taxes, levies, charges and cuts being forced upon us.  An all out attack on the most vulnerable and needy continues, more taxes are coming – water charges, broadcasting and new health charges.

I joined  the campaign against the household and water charges and organised/held meetings in my local area, believing that people power would prevail.  However, I quickly come to understand that we, the people, DO NOT HAVE THE POWER.

I learned that these taxes are a direct backlash from the bank bailout – paying bondholders.  A debt has been imposed on us by the people who are supposed to represent us – but it is NOT OUR DEBT!!  We are being forced to pay for private banking losses and for the gambling of bond speculators all across Europe.

I am part of a non-Party movement that will lead to change  The first step is for the people to have the say in County Hall.  We are determined that the current system of rule by Political Parties and vested interests must end, the only alternative being democratic rule by the people, i.e. democracy.

I have signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, a commitment to informing the community on all the issues coming us, and also, providing the means through which you will be able to exercise your decision making.

My promise is to consult YOU, and to represent YOU, the people.