Jason Griffin Limerick City West

Peoples Candidate in Limerick City West


I, Jason Griffin (25), have lived in Patrickswell, Co Limerick all my life.

Throughout my secondary and third level education, the destructive nature of our political landscape was always apparent. Personally: being short of money for basic necessities, accessing sub standard, dysfunctional services, seeing friends and family made redundant because of wild speculation and irresponsible actions is not a new phenomenon that has occurred with the onset of the Banking Crisis in 2008. Inequality of Outcome policies have been implemented in this country for a very very long time and the same sections of society are hit hardest, generation after generation.

My blood boils when I hear it mentioned that we are one of the richest countries in the world. Successive governments who misrepresent us provide great weight to the phrase:  “A fool and his money are soon parted”. Only, what is even more damning is that OUR resources have been sold off, OUR political system so dysfunctional and corrupt that, in times of Mass Social strife, elected representatives take the blade to vital services and supports for those most struggling and cut cut cut.  Then load even more burdens on THE PEOPLE when it is relief and support that is needed.

Trust has been gravely damaged by successive administrations. I hope that THE PEOPLE will bring this to bare on May 23rd by voting for PEOPLE’S CANDIDATES.

THE PEOPLE have endured parties whose main objective is to retain power at all costs. One such cost being any semblance of Social Justice.

How many times have you had candidates at your door saying they’ll do this & that, with nothing to hold them to their word; bar another election in years to come. How many manifestos have been put to THE PEOPLE which after the election, are not worth the paper they are printed on?

As it stands, you see a candidate before election and probably very little if ever, after that.

Being a PEOPLE’S CANDIDATE, the opposite holds: If elected, I will be facilitating on-going democracy in my community of Limerick City West.

The parties and their candidates are more than welcome to sign THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, alas, they have little say in their own affairs and are governed by one of the strictest party whips in Europe.

They have walked way too far down the road to be able to turn back now. The political system gave THE PEOPLE its answer in 2008 with the bank guarantee, The political system gives us its answer every day of the week when it sides with narrow, vested interests instead of the best interests of THE PEOPLE.

I will inwardly harbour a guess as to what the outcome would have been if THE PEOPLE had been asked to vote on our approach to the ‘banking crisis’.

Their has been a ‘societal crisis’ going on for as long as I can remember and no blank cheque was ever written to remedy it. Communities have been subjected to deep exclusion and vast relative inequalities.

The so called Celtic Tiger did not reach nor benefit the ordinary man, woman and child. It has served to widen and deepen the divide of Inequality between those at the top and those struggling at the bottom and has shown us that when times are most dire, the privileged and well placed will use tailor made policy to erode our communities in order to maintain and enlarge their wealth & power, no matter how detrimental it may be.

The desire to rule, the desire for power, is a dangerous trait that is rampant in Ireland. WE THE PEOPLE must encourage and participate in on-going democracy.

Successive parties who have enjoyed 5/7 years Carte Blanche have shown THE PEOPLE quite clearly that vested interests & maintaining power are their main motives.

Well, now the time has come. This local election I feel will be a very symbolic one. I am doing all I can to encourage those who are disillusioned by the political system to VOTE, rather than not, which only serves to reinforce the status quo.

Knowing all of this and having signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, I can look at my children, my partner, family and friends straight in the face. They know I will always do my best for them & I know that they will always do their best for me.

When times are most trialling, we pull together closest. THE PEOPLE of LIMERICK CITY WEST, I ask you to turn out and have your say on May 23rd and I will be back to you time and time again, until we have salvaged actual democracy for our community and our next generations and brought about positive change. I need you on May 23rd, but I will need you even more thereafter

Go raibh míle maith agat agus, cuímhnigh ár Luimneach

Thank you very much and, Remember Limerick