Laurence Vize Dublin City Ballyfermot-Drimnagh

People’s Candidate in Dublin City Ballyfermot-Drimnagh


We’ve seen it all before. Politicians knock on our doors and promise the Sun, Moon and stars – but once elected, they just obey their Party line and proceed to ‘railroad’ through whatever policies they like for the next five years, regardless of how it affects us or our families.

This has to stop. I am running as a People’s Candidate and I have signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, a public pledge that, if elected, I will work with the people of this district to set up a democratic forum in which the people will decide how I vote in Dublin City Council.

I also pledge to vote in accordance with the forum’s wishes as decided, regardless of my own personal opinions on the matter.

That is the first and last promise I will be making in this election.

It will mean a huge change. What happens in Dublin City Council will be decided by the people, not the Parties or other private interests.


Laurence Vize can be contacted on mobile: 085 7815487, he is also on Facebook.