Paul Clarke Dublin City Beaumont-Donaghmede

People’s Candidate in Dublin City Beaumont-Donaghmede

Party politics having failed, we the people need to share our own views, discuss ideas and prioritise issues. Let the people vote on every issue, the time has come for us to participate in the political decision making process together instead of representatives voting on our behalf.

I am from Coolock and having lived here my whole life, I understand the issues that affect our lives in this constituency [BEAUMONT and DONAGHMEDE].  Over the years I have been involved in many issues dealing with people’s rights, liberty and justice.  As a direct result of this I recognise the need for a new political system for the betterment of our society.  I am delighted to be personally involved in helping and serving all people and facilitating a new platform of self governance to begin the real changes we need.

Voting for People’s Candidates will put a stop to the dictates of political party’s and will help build a new platform for the people’s decision making process instead of representatives voting on their behalf. As your Independent I have signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT asserting our democratic rights and restoring prosperity through our own empowerment. Democratic representation is vital to the happiness and prosperity of the people. Those accepting such responsibility require and expect the fullest support of the people in fulfilling their duty.

We will rebuild our communities and prosperity through democratic renewal, with the people proposing and deciding policy on all issues – including on questions of business, economy, bank debt, our natural resources, health, social care, education, industry, the environment and international agreements. As a representative, I will assist the Constituency in supervising public administration, ensuring the implementation of the people’s policy decisions and the provision of services for all, based only on need. I accept the right of the people to recall (un-elect) any representative who fails in their duty to carry the mandate of the Constituency. If such an exceptional measure is required it will be decided by a binding Constituency plebiscite. I freely and proudly accept the title of “People’s Candidate” and solemnly undertake to honour this, THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, as a matter of conscience and service to the people.

Tell your friends and family to vote Independent at the local and Euro elections, independence is the key.

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Paul Clarke
Mobile phone: 089 202 7675