Paudie Dineen Cork City South Central Ward

People’s Candidate in Cork South Central Ward

Paudie can be contacted via mobile phone on 087-2807262

With others contesting seats on behalf of the people, Paudie  has signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, it can be viewed here.  Together the People’s Candidates will ensure that the people of Cork will decide the policy of City Council.

Paudie has written a statement to the voters:

Dear constituent,

the time for political change in the Rep. of Ireland is upon us.

The time for the people to rise up out of the ashes of a down trodden republic that remains in crisis, a crisis created by greedy self centre’d career politicians is also upon us. The time to democratically end the political system that has only bettered the few is fast approaching.

On May 23rd this year we will be given the opportunity to vote for our chosen public representatives, representatives who represent you not a political party whip who will carry instructions from central government to run your city or county.  In order to allow true democracy represent the people we must be prepared to use our VOTE and we must be prepared to accept political CHANGE, political change that will allow democracy to be carried through to the very grassroots of society (the citizens) of this great nation of ours.

To allow this change to happen I ask that you VOTE 1,2 or 3 in order of your choice for the People’s Candidate in your area and together we will begin building a new Republic from our grassroots once again.

REMEMBER we owe this to a generation that has already left our shores and we must set about protecting the next generation as it would be morally wrong of us if we do not.

The TIME is NOW.

Regards & best wish’s,

Paudie Dineen. of People for Change (PfC)
People’s Candidate
Cork South Central.