Grzegorz Zalewski Kanturk-Mallow Local Electoral Area

People’s Candidate in the Kanturk-Mallow Local Electoral Area of county Cork

Greg can be contacted via mobile phone on 087 6348699 or a message for him can be left here, you may email directly < grzzal AT >

Grzegorz Zalewski (Greg), is a Polish national taking standing beside the Irish people in a movement for the empowerment of the people.  Living and working in Ireland for the past 10 years Greg has seen the worst aspects of the crisis forced onto the backs of ordinary people and he has seen the powerful vested interests walk free and line their own pockets.  Greg has seen the imposition of policy on the people and the dictate that comes from those who are supposed to represent the people.

Greg has signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT and is contributing to the solution, building the movement through which the people will empower themselves.


Born in 1972 in Warsaw, Poland. The most important professional experience from the home country was a work in a company which provided the most challenging customer service contact – by phone.  He provided the wide spectrum of a trade researches e.g. sales, Central Statistic Office and public opinion researches. Within the 3 years he went through the all positions from telephone consultant, group leader, section supervisor, up to coordinator realizations in Commercial Service Section. He was responsible for leadership and managing work of 300 people in the whole company. He finished special courses in Management of human resources and Sales techniques in marketing.

For 4 years he ran  his own plumbing business, before leaving Poland he was an IT Technician in a private company.

In 2004 he moved to Cork joining the biggest minority in Ireland of Poles.

He moved to Ballyholly in 2008 in connection with the new work, which he performs up to today.


He got to the point that the reality of current politics is destroying this beautiful land, selling the whole country including the sovereignty of the nation to foreign corporations and banks, based on non-democratic law imposed in Ireland by the EU. The best example of the above though is a fact of Ireland being forced to a re-vote on the Lisbon treaty.

As an owner of a house, he is very fought against the household charge, and he opposed the State for the immoral, unlawful, unconstitutional Property Tax. Joining different groups of ordinary people in the campaigns, gave him an opportunity to widen his knowledge of the Constitution and the civil rights, which he uses to educate the people who are still not fully aware of their democratic rights.

In the light of the current economic situation it is an absurd to impose new taxes (directed by EU and IMF) on the people who are already struggling to pay their bills. He is strongly opposed to any new taxations e.g. property tax, water tax, carbon tax, green tax, pension tax, car scrapping tax, considering them a violation of human and constitutional right. The government is using these new taxes to pay the ‘bailout’ , all of which was used to pay bondholders and private banking losses.

All people responsible for the Irish recession should be jailed, we can have accountability, if we act together.

Greg is strongly confident that from this position he can fight those unjust taxes which violate constitutional and human rights. He’s not afraid of difficult tasks, always believe that he can accomplish them.

He grew up in a country where my family was struggling living under the Soviet occupation in a  totalitarian system. From his perspective, as well as other members of the largest minority of Polish living in Ireland, we can rise up together and oppose the traitors.