Patrick Bullman East Cork Local Electoral Area

People’s Candidate in East Cork Local Electoral Area

Paddy can be contacted via mobile phone on 086 3084466 or a message for him can be left here.

Passionate in his political ideology, Paddy believes in Direct Participatory Democracy. He believes that any society of people, be it large or small, a township or a country, that as a whole, makes decisions that affect each individual member of that society, must also provide each individual member with the unrestricted power to participate in the making of all such decision. Ergo, Direct Participatory Democracy!

Paddy proclaims his beliefs to be in harmony with the aspirations of The People’s Convention. To place the power of decision of all state policy firmly in the hands of each and every individual member of that state. In our case those individuals being the people of Ireland, all of them and not just a select few. We the people of Ireland SHALL decide ALL state policy! And Paddy will accept nothing less.

Like others in this movement, Paddy has signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT and undertakes to implement it to the full.


Born in the seaside town of Youghal in east Cork in 1956. Went to sea at the tender age of 16 to roam the world in search of happiness, only to discover that you cannot find it unless you carry it with you. Lived in other countries for over 20 years. Mostly in Scandinavia and gained a lot of life experience in his travels. Had good times and bad times, got some things right and also made mistakes, but learned from them. Nowadays, Paddy is a Tattoo Artist between jobs. And, oh yes! He is also a political activist and always has been.