Billy Corcoran Cork City North Central Ward

People’s Candidate in Cork City North Central Ward

Billy can be contacted via mobile phone on 087 6640904 or a message for him can be left here.

Billy Corcoran is standing for election to Cork City Council next May, he is part of a movement working for the empowerment of the people.

The people are disillusioned with politics, politicians have lost sight of what they are supposed to do, they have lost the trust of the people.  Billy is a man who can be trusted, he is determined that we restore pride in our country.

Billy has long known that the people are effectively excluded from our democratic process, he sees it every day.  In the Glen area, time and again, the people are ignored… the latest imposition regarding the prison is another example.

Having seen the disrespect for the people and having observed the ruling elite and their Parties Billy has concluded that the only remaining thing is for the people, ourselves, to empower ourselves.

The People’s Convention reflects Billy’s own view – to assert the rights of the people.

Signing THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT makes Billy a People’s Candidate, part of a team in the coming elections, all committed to democracy.

This movement will end the manipulation of Political Parties and their rule over the people.

Personal detail:

Billy Corcoran was born in Cork in 1943, he has lived there all his life with very little exception.

In 1961 & ’62 William served with the United Nations in the Congo, he served in Cyprus in 1964.  In all Billy spent 15 years in the Irish army, serving his country and the cause of peace worldwide – he has faced every challenge such service can throw up.

Billy has never left his army comrades, he is involved with the Irish United Nations Veterans Association (IUNVA) – Post 5 (at Collins Barracks, Cork).

Following his time in the army Billy worked on the docks in Cork – he was on the Ports & Docks Committee of SIPTU, representing the interests of fellow workers.

Living in the Glen area on the northside of Cork since 1978 Billy was married to, and cared for Mary, who sadly passed away in 2012 – he continues to care for his daughter Amanda.  Being a carer, Billy is also involved with the Carers Association and has been an advocate for basic rights for both the carers and those who are cared for.

Life has thought Billy its own lessons, and he has drawn the conclusions… the people must be organised in our own defense!

Billy Corcoran is already a staunch advocate for the people, and is even stronger as one of the many People’s Candidates, they should all be elected to City Council.