Aisling Murray East Cork Local Electoral Area

People’s Candidate in County Cork Local Electoral Area – East Cork

Aisling can be contacted via mobile phone on 087 3673575 or a message for her can be left here.

Born in 1983, Aisling has lived in the East Cork area all her life, attending different schools and eventually completing a Degree at CIT in 2010. Along with part-time work she has tried to diversify her skills, moving into Health Care for a time. Aisling is known for thinking ‘outside the box’ Attending meetings of the newly formed movement The People’s Convention, in Youghal and Cork city, she identified with its honest and democratic approach to the issues. Finding solutions has been a priority for her. After attending many rallies and protests on various issues, a Rally on the 24th March 2012 at the National Stadium in Dublin really opened her eyes as to how little say the people had in their lives on issues that affected them and noticed how the media could get things so wrong, reflecting figures of a mere 2,000 people in attendance when there were clearly more.

Aisling has signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT, committing her to representing the people in the fullest sense. She is committed to building the organisation among the people through which we will express our policy choices, such to be accepted as a binding mandate by her. Full success of the programme requires that the majority of Council seats be held for the people, therefore the more independent People’s Candidates that step forward the better. We hope that you will support Aisling and all other candidates who have signed THE PEOPLE’S CONTRACT.

Personal Statement:

I believe the people are being silenced and forced to pay for taxes they do not want and cannot afford. There are not enough jobs being created for what is being lost. The jobs that are created are not in areas of people’s expertise leading them to go back to courses over and over again, thereby never getting back to work. Young people have no future or even hope. They will never own their own homes as the prices are beyond their means. It’s a struggle to buy food and fuel to heat the family home or fuel the car to get out to interviews. These issues affect everyone in some way, just look at the suicide rates today. If we change the main top issues first, all the small issues will be easier to sort out later.

The reason I joined this movement or way of thinking 3 plus years ago now was because I like many others am out of work for the foreseeable future if not forever in this country and I believe that it doesn’t have to be like that. There are plenty of jobs to be carried out, our roads are one example of that. If the roads were in better shape there may be less accidents and deaths in turn. The problem is that the jobs are not been given out or in some cases people are working for free. The government still want their taxes paid though. I can’t see how that scenario is going to work personally but they keep pushing new taxes and charges, while prices of food and all types of fuel are rising. The people’s wages stay the same level or are reduced at budget times as they will be again in this year’s budget, yet they keep their high salaries and benefits. This is unequal and not democratic in my view. I could go on and on about all the austerity measures and money being paid here, there and everywhere and also about how the unemployed live register figures have nearly doubled every year since the bubble burst but I believe the only way forward is to start new.

This movement is all about getting people to think about their situation and what is to come in their future. It is to preserve people’s standards of living and take others that are suffering, out of poverty. I I think the debt should be abolished as it was not made by the majority of people in Ireland. It is also to reverse all of the austerity measures brought in; among them the Household Charge, Property Tax, Septic Tank Charge, Water Charge and Site Tax. Create real lasting jobs. A new governing system needs to be set up. Democracy and equality should be evident on every level to protect all human rights; people should not have to live in fear. Create a new sustainable Irish currency. A new self sufficient attitude needs to be adopted in Ireland by all people. All types of Irelands infrastructure needs to be finished to a high standard for longevity and the environment should be incorporated into every design cleverly to make good use of space and energy, leaving a place that people can also relax in. Money needs to go on what it is collected for, for example roadways fixed with motor tax money.

I believe people should be notified of every change to the constitution and what new bills are being introduced for example we were not given a referendum on the household charge bill, we were forced into it, that’s not democratic. The people need to have more say in their governing system and if there is not at least 90% turn out in voting the vote should be done again to reflect a true view of all, people need to take part in their country’s future. Equal pay should be introduced for equal work, schemes such as Jobridge and Springboard don’t work in my view, they do not promote stability or give dignity to a person looking to better their life and standard of living. They give too much power to employers that can hire a person cheaply for the short term and re-new the contract with a new person in time. They damage or take away our rights. A wealth tax or a maximum wage limit should be introduced to stop high salaries spiraling out of control. People can and should get involved at local levels and this is what will allow us to be democratic and a better country in general in time. People can do more, we are intelligent, we are free, Ireland can be better.

My hope is that this movement, if it is put there by the people to represent them, will result the government engaging more meaningfully with the people of Ireland and agreeing to the reasonable democratic wants and rights of its people. In doing so, we can clear the way for talks on the survival plan and the protection of the future of Ireland, not just economically but environmentally also. Talks can only resume when the government begins to listen to the people, who put it where it is today.

All people in Ireland should show that they can stick together. We should then agree on a plan that will sustain jobs here, promote democracy and Ireland’s future. Clearly anything which disrupts progress can have no positive effect whatsoever.

If you starve a person, he/she will die. If you starve the economy, the country dies. The people should unify. I believe that Ireland needs to be self sufficient. Change can be good and it needs to happen.